Zvuci dnevne sobe ft. Solfeggio

Every Solfeggio event is a new story. Inspired by the time, place and occasion, we aim to create a musical concept and perform sets you probably won’t hear in mainstream night clubs.


Deandre - dj&curator

DeAndre grew up in a family of artists. With his father being a jazz drummer and his mother a dance choreographer, he was constantly exposed to expressive music. At his younger age he played piano and guitar but never truly dug in. Later on he found out his biggest passion was exploring, listening and mixing music genres. Today, his selection pools soulful melodies, afro-cuban rhythms and electronic sounds.

Cleff - dj&curator

Cleff ventured into DJing fairly recently but is a long lasting lover of all types of music. He enjoys spicing things up with a mix of different sounds, and in fact, often identifies with music as a mesh of all sorts of genres, finding charm in between the stereotypical constraints they usually define. Having parents who would rarely listen to anything else other than classical jazz or bossa nova, especially during parties and gatherings, he gained a strong affinity towards jazzy sounds very early on in his childhood which he is always on the lookout for.

Jurica Koletić - Art & visuals