Zvuci dnevne sobe feat. Razorblade Jr.

KUNSTGEBIT Presents --> 'On The Road' Editions of Excalibur Proportions!:
"The Exorcism of Corona Part III" (Third time's a charm?)
Musical Choices By: Razorblade Jr. (Amsterdam/Zagreb)
@ Pločnik (Zagreb/Croatia) From 20:00 Till 00:00 (Sharp)
Free Entrance
KUNSTGEBIT - amongst other things, an Amsterdam radio show from 1998
RAZORBLADE JR. - amongst other activities, also known for his fine musical adventures such as: "Gone Bald" / "Ha Det Bra" / "Prsten" / "Blisters" / "De Reizende Verkoper" / "Pink Noise Quartet",,, and many other legendary classic artists.
WHO?,,WHAT?,, NO?,,REALLY?,,,,AGAIN??...
after several 'commercially' disastrous attempts to make people aware that, you actually CAN dance to music that some people call: "it's like pulling a cat by the tail,," or, "it's like scratching with fingernails on the chalkboard,,"
or even better: "it's like dancing tango with high fever",,,
Razorblade Jr. is back, back to make you wish you were still on the coast,, soaking in wonders of hard earned vacation, pretending you were a tourist.
Tourists Are Welcome, Capacity Is Limited, (no, really, and no, not only limited for tourists) + B'cause Of the Evil Bastard Virus, There Are Also Time Restrictions, So I Would Suggest Coming On Time,,, But, That's Only Me, Come When You Like, Just Don't Nag When the Bar Closes @ 00:00, Music Stops, & You Are Suddenly Facing the Locked Front Door With the Child-like Face Expression, Saying:
Good Ol' Fashion Exorcism, With a Twist!, Powerful Combination of Music (in tongues), the Positive Vibes & the Good Will of the People.
Together, We Will Expel the Evil And the Shi'At Out of This Bastard Virus,
(once and for all!?).