PREACH THE RIČ: Hip-hop festival returns even stronger, August 16th - 17th, Šibenik

Just as all good things should be repeated, so does the PREACH THE RIČ Festival return. The second edition of this hip-hop festival is scheduled for August 16th and 17th at Martinska in Šibenik. There must be a place for hip-hop on the festival map, and there is on the peninsula opposite Šibenik, thanks to the PREACH THE RIČ Festival. We can expect two days filled with the best rhymes, beats, and words that cut to the core, all of it will happen again during the third weekend in August at Martinska.

By launching the PREACH THE RIČ Festival, we wanted to pay tribute to the global celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop worldwide, as well as to the rich tradition of that genre in Šibenik, where today there is active very fruitful new generation. The idea and concept of the PREACH THE RIČ Festival are to nurture and develop the domestic scene and its connection with performers from the country and the surrounding area, which will continue to be done by this festival and its hosts gathered in the strong Šibenik hip-hop scene.

Blind tickets on sale

The first information about the performers are coming soon, they are guests from abroad, leaders of the scene, and until then, the most affordable Blind tickets are on sale, at the price of 40 euros. Like last year, with the purchase of a festival ticket, visitors have the opportunity to camp at Martinska for free.

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