Pozitivan ritam, a new radio show and video podcast on air soon

Pozitivan ritam, is a new radio show that starts on Tuesday, February 2, and will be aired every Tuesday, from 19:00 to 22:00 on Radio 808, and with a video podcast from 20:00 to 22:00, broadcasted at the PDV youtube channel, and Pozitivan ritamPločnik and Radio 808 Facebook pages.

The radio show and video podcast will be broadcasted from Pločnik, because of the covid restrictions, and in front of the audience when they are abolished.

The concept of the show is contained in its very name - positive rhythm, and the topics are stories from life and beyond, in the company of esteemed guests, mostly publicly recognizable people from a wider cultural context, friends, associates, colleagues, etc.

Assuming that no new doses of frustration are needed in these ‘rusty times’, we will be relieved of the gloomy socio-political themes of everyday life as much as possible, and we will nurture the ones we have lacked the most lately; stories from clubs, stories from the bar, from the backstage, in front of the toilet... Of course, all together spiced with a bunch of good music that you wouldn't normally hear so easily on the waves of local radio stations.

The editors and hosts of the show are Tomislav Šunjić and Vedran Meniga. Longtime friends and stage enthusiasts, more specifically since the mid-90s when they jointly organized the first Croatian concerts of the cult Peter & The Test Tube Babies and Sick Of It All.

Tomo started T.R.I.P. Records on which the first albums of MajkeHladno pivoLauferOverflowAnesthesia were released, was a band manager, and radio editor and host in the golden age of the Radio 101, and in recent years on Yammat radio.
Vedran is a member of a slightly younger generation, he identifies himself in the same and similar activities, occasionally being a musician, and constantly a creative and promoter on the independent scene, organizing over the years a series of concerts, club events, and festivals.

Nenad Barić (Funk Guru) and Jan Kinčl, our famous DJs, are coming to visit us for the premiere show, this time in the role of the author of the just-announced benefit compilation album 'Healing Sounds', on which they gathered a number of local producers to raise funds for the victims of earthquakes that have hit Croatia in the last year.