The most current Croatian authors in the fifth edition of the Magic Box online concert

In the fifth edition of the online concert on Saturday, March 27, Magic Box once again presents current musicians and music projects of the Croatian music scene that have not stopped creating even during the world pandemic. In the general lack of live performances, Magic Box is an ideal replacement in the form of six hours of live music with a combination of different genres and the most interesting authors of the Croatian independent and alternative music scene.

This edition of Magic Box is marked by the premiere live performances of great female vocalists and established authors who present themselves with their new projects. The year 2020 was certainly marked by Željka Veverec with her new solo project Je Veux and the praised and awarded debut album "I Glow". Her exceptional vocal abilities, sovereign mastery of a warm soul voice in every song we will have the opportunity to hear live for the first time right at the Magic Box. Another great female vocalist of the Croatian scene and established musician Natali Dizdar presents a new project BETI at the Magic Box, backed by members of the Mayales band. An unusual combination of Thai funk, Afro-funk, Anatolian (Turkish) rock of the 70's and Cambodian psycho rock of the 60's is brought by the acclaimed band Nemanja. Established Zagreb house and techno DJ Jan Kinčl is joined by Sam Mahoney aka Ishfaq for this live performance on keyboards. A little fierceness is brought by the sons of the heavy rock sound - band Stonebride, which we do not have the opportunity to watch often in Croatia. Mark Mrakovčić arrives at the Magic Box as a self-effacing and charismatic, perhaps the best-kept "secret" of the domestic scene. This time too, Ida Prester and Goran Pirš will take the master of ceremony role, bringing a real refreshment in the last edition.

The concert will be available to watch via live video and audio stream from the Radio 808 website and partner channels.

The main music guest of the Magic Box is the magical vocalist and author Željka Veverec with her new project Je Veux. The long-awaited solo debut album was digitally released late last year and ranked among the best music achievements of 2020. Everything known so far about her exceptional vocal abilities has been confirmed on her debut album, which means that she sovereignly rules her warm soul voice in each song.

Another great female vocalist of the domestic scene and established musician Natali Dizdar presents a new project BETI at the Magic Box. BETI are Natali Dizdar and members of the Mayales band: Vlado Mirčeta, Luka Geček and Pavle Miholjević. Long-time friends and associates presented the new project with the single "Slobodna", which dominated the radio air for months, and a new hit - "Vili" arrived from their music workshop at the end of February.

nemanja is a project backed by Luka Šipetić, author and musician active in pastele, Para Lele and NLV bands, and the band members are Matej Perić (drums), Karlo Lugarić (percussion), Laura Matijašević (bass), Leo Beslać (organ, synthesizer) ) and Luka Šipetić (guitar).

Jan Kinčl is a Zagreb house and techno DJ, producer, engineer, live act performer, radio show editor, and party organizer. After two decades in all these areas, it is almost impossible to talk about contemporary electronic music in Croatia and not touching something he was involved in.

Sons of heavy rock sound band Stonebride we do not have the opportunity to watch often at home. The MagicBox set is expected to cut songs from all previous releases as well as songs from the still current mini-album "Animals on Display" released on 12 "(etched) vinyl, CD and digitally for the PDV label.

Mark Mrakovčić is perceived in music circles as self-effacing and charismatic, with the album "Breeding Black Sheep" this perhaps best-kept "secret" of the domestic scene finally came to light with the confirmation that the release of another album is already planned, which will also be a combination of old and new songs.