Martinska in Šibenik confirmed as a favorite festival destination even after the pandemic

With the fifth edition of Blast Fest last weekend, the fourth season of festivals at Martinska was concluded.
After the first festival season in 2019., launched in cooperation with the city of Šibenik, the Tourist Board, and other institutions of the authority of the Šibenik-Knin County, in the last two seasons, Martinska was the only one in 2020, and one of the few festival destinations in 2021, that managed to realize the majority of announced programs, due to existing restrictions caused by the pandemic.

This year, through a total of 6 weeks and the same number of events, Martinska achieved more than 10 thousand visitors from Croatia, Europe, and the world. But let's start briefly in order…

The opening of the season belonged to the second edition of the Ši Gitarijada, due to the sudden cancellation of the previously announced, 10th edition of the Regius Festival. Ši Gitarijada took place at Martinska in 2020, when Kanal Fest was not held due to restrictions, and unlike the premiere, the second edition was organized as a two-day event, the first evening with concerts, and the second with DJ performances.

On the first day, bands Lili Gee, Diskodelija, and Raspad thundered across the stage, along with a DJ set by the increasingly famous female DJ duo She J & Stella. On the second-day SuggaDaddy, Tabula, Paleolitik, and Nick Jelly took over the stage with their DJ sets, and the number of visitors was triple compared to the first edition.

The extended weekend from July 14 to 17 belonged to the jubilee, 20th edition of the Seasplash Festival, which, after 16 years in Pula has been taking place on Martinska in Šibenik for the last 4 years. The entire celebration was an extremely positive, almost family atmosphere, of old and new festival visitors. The program took place throughout the day and night simultaneously on 3 stages with a series of additional content and workshops. Several performers had to cancel due to health issues (Antenat, Hornsman Coyote), and memorable performances were given by Macka B & The Roots Ragga Band, O.B.F feat. Sr. Wilson, Killa P, and Reggae Roast feat. Horseman, as well as several local names. It is precisely in this part that the creative value of the festival can be recognized, during which the names who started their careers in parallel with the development of the festival, filling the slots of the smaller stages in less attractive times in the past years, proved themselves as local hosts of the program, while today they justify their positions with performances on the main stage at the top of the program. Some of them are of course: Egoless, Kali Fat Dub, One Dread, Anja G & Dr. Obi, 207,..., as well as impressive performances of some new names that have proven themselves on the scene, such as Aklea Neon & Sound Doulas, Hram, Dubolik & Lo Peaks,... With an already rich tradition, with such forces, there is no fear for the future of culture as promoted and nurtured by the Seasplash festival.

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Next weekend, July 22nd, and 23 marks the third year of Slurp! Festival at the location of Martinska. Due to the late lifting of restrictions, Slurp! Was forced to postpone the previously announced edition with foreign promoters. Instead, Slurp! Was in the curator role for a new retro-chic event called Večeri dalmatinskog galeba. An event that nostalgically tried to remember parties on hotel terraces along the Adriatic as they used to be. With one of the most beautiful panoramic views of our coast, waitresses in white shirts and table service, the sounds of bossa nova, Italo disco, hits from San Remo, and doses of old soul and funk, Vesna Pisarović played her Jazz concert on the first night, and the second arrived Marisol. Along with them, great DJ sets from gramophone records were played by Mr. Dirty Hairy, and Stipe Jazzy Širinić. Already in the premiere edition, Večeri dalmatinskog galeba managed to realize the envisioned vision and it is to be expected to become a tradition.

At the very end of July, on the 29th and 30th, the fourth edition of Kanal Fest took place, a punk festival organized by the association Liješnjaci, the third generation that organizes events of this profile at the location of Martinska. This year's edition was accompanied by an increase in the number of audiences, and advances in almost all segments, from the organization itself to the content. For two nights and two days, with free camping in the shade of a pine forest, visitors could participate in a skate contest organized by the Bokon association from Vodice. As hosts of the program, the cult Novi Sad punk rockers Atheist Rap justified their roles on the first night, as well as Anti Todor from Pula on the second night. The other bands were also satisfied with their performances, namely: Klasse Kriminale, Ciroza jetre, K.D.P., Stratus, Last Carees, Tahijevi kmetovi, Zlobnik, and Pardon. Of course, the legendary Wandering DJ Zden, i.e. Zdenko Franjić, owner of the independent publishing label Slušaj najglasnije, entertained the crowd with DJ sets during the concert, and independent performances at the end of both evenings, should not be left out either

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We must not leave out two big fires. One, just a day before the start of the Seasplash Festival, and the second one before the start of the Membrain festivals. Both fires blazed only a few hundred meters of the crow flies from Martinska. This once again warned everyone present about the dangers of lurking on hot, summer days, further potentiated by the climate change. On both occasions there was readiness for a possible evacuation, but, fortunately, the superhuman efforts and dedication of the fire brigade of the city of Šibenik and other counties, with the help of the airforce, the fire was defeated without casualties of fire, except for major consequences on the nature. We use this opportunity to thank them once again, and bow.

At the beginning of this month, from August 4 to 7, was the seventh edition of the Membrain festival, which promotes underground bass culture, with the dominance of musical styles such as: drum'n'bass, jungle, dubstep and halfstep. A festival that mostly gathers foreign visitors, mostly from Western European countries. In 4 days, on 3 stages, over 80 performing names took the stage, a few of which are at the top of the global scene recognition, along with many new and talented names from various parts of the world. Additional content and workshops were free for visitors during the day, music programs were held at night, lasting 12 hours, while the following thundered on the stage: Homemade Weapons, Youngsta, Baby T, Presha, GEST, Artilect, Eusebeia, VRH, PRTCL, Phentix, Nemy, Creatures, Sepia, Last Life, DUKU, Minimalist, Alegria, Bambi Uzim Kama, Kit Curse, Datra, SHU, Amy Kisnorbo, Jakart, OB 1, Philo, LXC, Hasky, Dreadmaul, Capro, Result, United Noise, Fornax, Phantom, Warrior, Casco, The Egg, Dropical, OTL, Delah, Moogie Fox, Fujita Pinnacle, Drama, Nayrah, Nidrev, Matho, Hesh, Grand Kanaal, Ambit, NabuxNusku, Remote Control, and many other.

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And finally, after a one-year break, this year's Martinska season was closed by the fifth edition of Blast Fest. Let us remind you that it was announced last year, but in the end, it was not held due to pandemic restrictions and the approved permit with a duration until midnight. So the first anniversary of half a decade was also promoted as 'dance without limits', with a simple formula: 'Let's dance.' We create.'. And also for the reason that after the first bars, Blast fest offers over 40 hours of non-stop music, gathering many like-minded people, with a very colorful composition of an enthusiastic audience, who all together enjoy a series of performances by artists from the domestic electronic scene. They were not hindered by the rain that fell almost continuously on Saturday. In short: an atmosphere to remember, which is precisely why Blast Fest has enjoyed a noticeable increase in visitors in recent years. This year's edition featured: Foxy, Pytzek, Mimi, El Commando, Funk Guru, Roland, Brighton, Kudjo, Fabian b2b Tonko, Ščak, Allan, Carnero, Borut Cvajner, Bellen, Mokosh, Maja Pa, Kl-Audio feat. Chakka , and the festival itself concluded with a concert by local heroes The Fogsellers, who as a surprise played a session with guests from Cura & dečko.

We can't wait for next year, and more information about the events and content in the summer of 2023 will arrive in early autumn!

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