Martinska Punk meets Kanal fest: Full lineup for the gratest punk fiesta in the history of Dalmatia Martinska Punk meets Kanal fest

We proudly present all the bands that will play at the biggest punk fiesta this summer, organized by united festivals Martinska Punk meets Kanal fest. This year we are going to have maybe the biggest punk festival in the history of Dalmatia and beyond, three days packed with well known bands that will perform in this unique location, Martinska in Šibenik from July 27th to 29th, 2023. By joining forces, Martinska Punk and Kanal fest are bringing a powerful lineup that mixes international and regional bands. Martinska is a unique festival location, the only one inside the UNESCO buffer zone. This location is a protected nature park, and as such, Martinska is ideal for a blend of music and vacation.
During three days, the audience can hear a total of 14 bands, among them Europe's veterans and new hopes of the punk scene. Headliners of this year's festival are legendary British punk bands Anti-Nowhere League and Subhumans.

This summer, with joint forces, we are preparing for a double celebration because not just the location, but also the Kanal fest marks the first five years! Martinska Punk meets Kanal fest is taking place July 27th–29th. Along with festival tickets, there are also daily tickets.

Anti-Nowhere League officially started in 1980 as a four piece band; by 1981, the band had written and recorded their first album "We are the League" which was at no. 1 for many weeks in the independent charts along with the three singles "Streets of London", "I Hate People" and "Woman". Soon after that, they performed at the Musical Biennale in Zagreb, where they recorded their legendary live album "Live In Yugoslavia". They recorded eight studio and eight live labums, and after more of four decades the band is still playing live and recording doing what they do best, "...swimming against the flow of the controlled music business", again proving Punk is the last music rebellion and is still a major music force to be reckoned with!

Subhumans are an anarcho-punk band formed in Wiltshire in 1980. Their 1983 debut album "The Day the Country Died" is considered a classic of punk rock and is inspired by George Orwell's classic "1984". With four decades and six albums under their belt, Subhumans continue with exciting live performances in Europe and America.

Punk legends Nula, from the local area, will perform on their home turf in Šibenik. The reputation of Nula has been intact for more than three decades; they are well known as an uncompromising socially and politically oriented hard-core punk band, you know, pure, real punk! Their debut album "Pobijedimo laž" is reissued after 25 years. The album was recorded in 1993, in a dangerous age and time when it was not allowed to speak publicly about one's opinion if it went against the grain of the authorities, even though it was supposed to be a democratic society. (But it is not much better nowdays; that's why punk still has its purpose of existence!). At that time, Nula showed its teeth and released one of the most important punk albums of recent times in our country, which is still very relevant today.

Alergija, is band from Zadar, formed in 1994 brings their known sound of street punk rock, which has lasted for almost 30 years. Their debut album, "Alergija" positions them on the Croatian punk map. Their legendary oi/street punk album "Četvrti stalež" ensured the band as the first league of the punk scene in the region. After a longer break, the band managed to release the album "Globalno zatopljenje" in 2009. After almost 14 years, this year they are back. Releasing single after single from the beginning of 2023, newest is called "Šupak", out for the 1st of May. The band promised us another single and a new album before summer.

Lion’s Law has joined forces with streetpunk labels from all over the globe to serve up their new album "The Pain the Blood and the Sword". The album will be released worldwide this spring, and these lads are ready to take over, together with the support of the strongest forces in the streetpunk world. Lion’s Law is absolutely integral and a dominant force in today's punk scene. Playing their own shows around the world, headlining big Oi! and Punk Festivals, joining tours with bands like Terror, The Exploited, and countless more.... these boys are an unstoppable machine, and this new album proves it even further.

Essence is a band from Split formed in 1998., They were a hard-core band with strong influences from bands like Converge, Today is the Day, Shield, The Dillinger Escape Plan. Through the years and changes, the band kept its recognizable signature of hard riffs, screams, and strong drum parts. Today, the easiest way to describe Essence would be as a prog-metal or post-hardcore band. They like to call themselves math'n'roll! They have four issues under their belt: "Dirt in Frame" (2000), "Rea" (2002), "Larva" (2004) and "Combustus" (2012). Their fifth album is in stage of recording.

Shin is a local melodic hardcore punk band with a fresh album "III", that is considered their most mature work so far. If you like screaming vocals, sharp bass lines, and frenetic guitar melodies, you will enjoy Shin. The band is even louder, more dynamic, and more energetic with fast riffs and excellent alignment, but they are still pushing the boundaries of their own music and experimenting with their sound. Shin was founded in 2013, and from the very beginning, it was a female-fronted band. Since 2019, the band members are Tea on vocals, guitar players Sole and Fićo, Šuker on bass, and Josip on drums.

Smrt razuma is a DIY hard-core punk band formed in Osijek in January 2017. They have a history of self-published albums (on two demo tapes), after which they published an album on vinyl. The band is on tour a lot, so they met local, regional, and European audiences very well.

Tačke is a young, half-drunk, half straight-edge hopefuls of the Kutina punk scene. The team captures the attention of young and old with their speed, hardcoreness, and charm. The band was formed in the fall of 2019, and so far they have released two EPs. Tačke is a fast, sweet, romantic, and melodious band that mixes punk with a touch of hardcore and ska punk. Don't miss the ride in Tačke!

Donkey Hot is a rock 'n' roll band that has existed since 2014. The band members are Vili Gobac on vocals, Mihovil Burek on guitars, Hrvoje Dizdar on drums, Marijo Dujmić on keys, and bass player Doris Mihaljević. "In the last 10 years, the band didn't achieve anything, so they have no expectations. "Success did not happen to us, and we will probably have to wait for it for a few more lives", said the guys and lady from Donkey Hot. But it is not all that doomed because they just released their debut album "Mama", got a great response from the audience, and have had a lot of success promoting it at concerts.

A new band on the scene, Heihaizi, consists of members of three bands: Eke Bube, Sukob and Nailed In. And they have a special message about their deeds: „We know it all, we're in your house, we will never drop it, our boy X gon' give it to ya, we're trespassing, but you should let us in, cause it's Friday, we ain't got no job and we ain't got shit to do, but we love grandmas from hell, and you can always find us in the sin section, just smelling really bad and getting ready for round two, being all vile and shit".

After an almost fifteen-year hiatus, the cult alternative pop punk rock Sibenik band D Diplinzi returns to the scene. With a new lineup, they are coming to this year's Kanal Fest to make this musical event even more spectacular, and they will get closer to the audience by performing both old timeless hits and presenting new songs that you haven't had the chance to hear yet.

Kosturi are Brutal Hypersonic Rock quartet from the Dalmatian reefs. From the mythic village of Majmunovo, to be exact. They were founded in 2007. Their debut album, "Mefistov Krah" was recorded in Split for the label "Slušaj Najglasnije!" Before their second album, the band released two EPs: "Ubij Zmiju!" in 2014 and "Majmunovo Kolo" year after. "Rasplinz" is their second album from 2018, and during the pandemics, the band released two singles "Korona marš...(u PM)" and "Pošast". The band has a DIY philosophy in their actions and recordings, musically, they are leaning into the brutality of old-school metal and hard core, the explosiveness of garage rock, and a blend of blues and melodies from Dalmatian lands.

A hardcore punk band LokvA on the street has existed since 2009. They come from Dugo Selo and Zagreb. They have two albums one permanent member, and a lot of concerts behind them.