Magic Box presents the fourth edition of the Online concert

Three months after the last edition, Magic Box is already preparing another all-night “almost” real concert experience that will take place this time on Saturday, January 30, starting at 6pm, at HUB 385. And this time Magic Box has a perfect combination of musicians of different genres who represent the most interesting authors of the Croatian independent and alternative music scene. As proof that musicians did not stop creating even in these "rusty" times, all musical guests mostly present new releases and projects.

One of the best Croatian singer-songwriters and sharp social chronicler Saša Antić as Alejuandro Buendija arrives accompanied by the band Sinovi to present his new solo album Škrinja, the best domestic export product on the electronic music scene Petar Dundov arrives with a new single released for Proton Music, HUB 385 will in be launched in space by Chui, critically praised and awarded space jazz rock band, the warmth of the Caribbean and Jamaica where they recently performed will be brought by Brain Holidays, pioneers of reggae music in Croatia, on the reggae track but with afro-soul ethno-beats harmonies arrives authentic and direct Aklea Neon, and the bassist and singer of the group Igralom Dimitrije Simović will present his new project Dimitrije Dimitrijević and his fresh solo album Čar-pitanje.

The concert will be available to watch via live video and audio stream at Radio 808 web siteRadia 808 Facebook page, Radio 808 youtube channel, and on other partner channels (Pozitivan ritamPDVPločnik...).

One of the best Croatian singer-songwriters and a sharp social chronicler Saša Antić as Alejuandro Buendija recently presented his new solo album Škrinja to the public. On the album, social issues are themed through top-notch lyrics and a lot of black humor, and these are songs that were created in the last five years. Album Škrinja was finalized during the pandemic quarantine. Alejuandro Buendija will perform at the Magic Box accompanied by his band Sinovi.

Petar Dundov is a synonym for world-renowned and respected techno. He is certainly the most famous Croatian DJ and a great producer who, among his talents, musical experience and discography, is one of the strongest domestic authors and is a first-class music export product. He has a large number of singles, albums and performances at festivals and clubs around the world. The current single Salvation / Nature of Nature released for Proton Music is also his first solo release for that label, on which he has released several great remixes so far.

Chui is a critically praised and awarded space jazz rock band from Zagreb. Strongly inspired by old sci-fi movies, TV and comic book culture, they create unique music, firmly rooted in jazz, but boldly flirting with other genres as well. Synthwave of the 80s, Canterbury prog rock, numerous styles of electronic music ranging from techno to UK garage, Dillini hip hop beats, even jazzcore - all this can be found in Chui's songbook.

Brain Holidays are pioneers of reggae music in Croatia, and were founded back in 2000. In 20 years of work, they have hundreds of concerts, five studio albums released by Dallas Records: Stereo Roots, Save Peace Babylon Delete, System Error, System Error Remix Side and Jamaican Connection. In early 2020, they also held a concert in Kingston, Jamaica. The warmth of Jamaica’s Caribbean rhythms, Brain Holidays best represents at live performances where their magic comes to full expression.

Authentic, direct and radiant. Aklea Neon, a Osijek singer-songwriter and traveling musician, channels her afro-soul, ethno-beats harmonies with her whole body - her foot on a pedal looper, her hand on a guitar and a MIDI controller with a voice that resonates to the scalp. Magnetic presences - her performance passes in a flash, and they remain in her hips for days.

Dimitrije Dimitrijević (Dimitrije Simović), a musician from Niš with an address in Zagreb, bassist and singer of the band Igralom, recently released his songwriting debut album Čar-pitanje. The album features a kind of lyrics by Dimitrij Dimitrijević, accompanied by elements of trip hop, blues, alternative, funk, synth pop, RNB electronics and ambient music.