Hip-Hop Festival PREACH THE RIČ: Šibenik and Croatia are getting a new cool event

It has been a while since true Hip-Hop fans in Croatia witness the exponential growth of the domestic scene of this music genre. Numerous artists, albums, designers, and the rest of the scene are blooming with their original sound and art. We can say that the Croatian Hip-Hop scene is better than ever, colorful and versatile, it absolutely deserves the attention and the opportunity to go to a higher level.

With that in mind, we proudly present the new Hip-Hop festival PREACH THE RIČ that will be held for the first time this summer 18th & 19th of August in Martinska, Šibenik.

The purpose and idea of PREACH THE RIČ festival is to spread Hip-Hop on the Croatian map, to present it in the best sense to reinforce the scene and tighten it even more. Organizers wish for PREACH THE RIČ to encourage and inspire, to make and create, so eventually, the festival originates new artists, new albums, and new fans of Hip-Hop.

The concept of PREACH THE RIČ festival is that upon arriving at the location, a visitor, a musician or a curious tourist enters into a special world where rules nothing but Hip-Hop and summer vibes. We don't want this to be another classic festival for which the audience buys a ticket and just comes to hear a band or DJ, but when they come to the location they feel like they've come to a summer camp.

PREACH THE RIČ is not just a summer festival, but a project that will last a whole year long. The concept of PREACH THE RIČ project is to become a platform, promotor, and medium for the whole scene, to inform about new albums and artists. There is no doubt that all of this is possible because Hip-Hop is one of the most popular music genres.

PREACH THE RIČ from Šibenik, with its first edition is joining the big celebration - 50 years of Hip-Hop culture - that is celebrated worldwide in 2023.

Line up will be announced next week.