British Punk Legends on Martinska: Peter and the Test Tube Babies at Punk Festival in Šibenik

Martinska Punk meets Kanal Fest announces the first names for this year's festival, which takes place from July 25th to 27th on the Martinska Peninsula opposite Šibenik.

Bands from the Croatia and Europe are coming to this Dalmatian festival, and leading the charge in this wave are the British legends Peter and the Test Tube Babies. The first announced bands guarantee three days of real punk spectacle and a full-fledged international gathering, as out of the seven, five are from abroad. Besides the UK Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Martinska will host the Hookline from Germany, Obscene Revenge from Italy, Wasserdicht from Slovenia, Neven from Serbia, and joining them are the excellent Croatian bands OSA (One Step Away) and Pardon.

Peter and the Test Tube Babies

Peter and the Test Tube Babies were formed in 1978 by Peter (vocals) and Del (vocals and guitar) in Peter's father's garage in Peacehaven, Sussex. Their early performances were characterized by catchy melodies and loads of fun. The harmless humor of those early gigs was captured on their debut album "Pissed And Proud." From those early gems, the Test Tubes kept getting better and better. Their upcoming songs "Jinx," "Blown Out Again," and "September" from the album "The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs" spent months at the top of independent charts. Afterward, they broke through in America, selling out a concert at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. Peter and the Test Tube Babies continued to play at festivals worldwide and remained one of the best punk bands from Europe.


Hookline is an Oldschool hardcore punk rock band from Germany founded in 1990 and still active today. They have released six albums so far, played countless concerts, and continue to perform. Their latest album "..still our way" was released on streaming platforms in August 2023, with its vinyl edition released for sale in February 2024. They describe their music as old school hardcore punk with lots of melodies, but also influenced by metal.

Obscene Revenge

Obscene Revenge is a hardcore punk band formed in 2014 in central Italy. From the very beginning, they created their songs addressing important political and social issues uncompromisingly. They regularly perform in Italy and the rest of Europe, and on many tours, they have played as support acts for the most influential bands of the global punk scene (Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Varukers, The Casualties, Doom, Anti-Flag ...). With the release of the EP "Terror To Distract" in February 2022, the band presented a new sound, a new attitude, and a new way of communication.


Wasserdicht is a hardcore band from Ormož, Slovenia, operating since the early nineties. After several changes, the lineup formed in 1993, which still makes noise today: Marko (guitar/vocals), Miha (drums/vocals), Robi (bass). They were among the participants of the already legendary Halloween Night in 1995 in Samobor. After a several-year hiatus, they reunited in 2021 and started creating new material, resulting in the upcoming album "Prihajamo v miru" (We're Coming in Peace) which will be released on March 22nd by PDV. The album presents an authentic and intense hardcore collection, which will thrill old fans and win over new ones, bringing us raw energy and engaged lyrics for which the band was known.

OSA (One Step Away)

OSA (One Step Away) is a four-member band from Zagreb-Koprivnica that represents the unwavering force of the punk-rock scene. With their immersive energetic rhythms, playful melodic guitar parts, and sharp lyrical signature, OSA has managed to gain great popularity among fans of alternative sounds. Their current album "Zzzzzzzzzzz" represents a kind of peak of their career, delivering an incredible amount of energy and passion while exploring new musical horizons. OSA is more than a band - they are the voice of a generation, a symbol of rebellion, and unwavering passion for music.


Neven is one of the bands leading the revitalized hardcore scene in Belgrade. With themes of introspection, personal development, straight edge, and Krishna consciousness, the band returns to the New York roots of the movement, but with a distinctly modern and much heavier twist. Their live performances on the home turf have attracted audiences of different genres, so Neven performs from punk squats to indie clubs. The energy at their concerts is full of charge, so the audience comes from night to night and tirelessly jumps and sings along with the band. After releasing demos, they started performing in Serbia, after which they recorded an EP with six songs, three of which ended up on the compilation "BGxHC - New Chapter," the rest will be released in mid-2024. The band started performing outside the borders of Serbia. Neven has collaborated with Geenger Records and announced their second video and EP.


Even Makarska has its punk band, and what a band it is - Pardon consists of Dario Divković, Tonći Zelić, and Vinko Lelas. This trio joined forces to create something authentic and explosive. Pardon has just released the single "Svinje" (Pigs) announcing their debut album "Dalmatian Rhapsody" which will be released on April 12th by PDV. The album represents an energetic blend of punk with hints of rock, metal, and hardcore, a refreshing sound reflecting the honesty and passion of the three musicians. Mostly haunted by bad trends, their music is not just an expression of rebellion and dissatisfaction, but also a call for change and a better tomorrow. Through their sound and lyrics, Pardon aims to inspire people and leave the world a better place for future generations.

Martinska Punk meets Kanal Fest Tickets

With the announcement of the first names, Early Bird tickets for the festival are now available at the price of euros, popularly known as Ranograbilice, available at the link.

Tickets for Martinska Punk meets Kanal Fest are available at both online and physical sales points on the Entrio and Core Event platforms. With a purchased festival ticket, visitors have the opportunity to camp at the festival location.