Wicked Selection w / Tabu ( keeper of the groove )

Tabu, ( Tabu Keeper of the Groove ) who became known to the music lovers by his same named project with which he became one of the pioneers combining instrumentals with modern beats. His saying, "If you dont like the music, you know where the exit is" practically became the mindset of every DJ that has self-respect, with the attitude that the DJ is a person, not a tool.
Combining warm Jazz, soul, disco & funk masters, with electronic new hits, he is placed among DJs that play for the real music lovers. After a long career, where he played in most of the relevant clubs in the country, he became a resident DJ in Zagrebs Vinyl club, where he is in charge of "wicked selection" program.
His recognizable style has been present on many festivals, showing with his unique style that the electronic music is not only techno, and is not always the same rhythm.
With all that being said, Tabu is one of the Funkytrain founders, a brand that now has 4 active member DJs, which all in their own way promote the combination of instrumentals, funk, soul, disco & jazz, with their own production variations. Without further reading, here are the links so you can listen for yourself.