Rootical Connection Gathering

Sound which was founded along side Zion Radio Show (@Radio Student) will be represented by Baki Selecta rolling the music for the nation outside the station.

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Cultural Educational Arts & Musical Program founded in 2015 by two Croatian Selectors Ras Sale I (YARDSTEP) & Leona Lioness (GIRLSLOVEDUB) .

United by same energy n spiritual connection we decided to start our own project called GHETTO ROOTS !

It combines different musical styles reggae/dancehall/roots/dub/ska/hiphop/grime/ragga & many more, followed by live MC act, drummers & dancers .

Powered&Supported by Zion Radio Show & Zion Radio Sound, RoolTroll, Oddvod Collective, portal, BGF, King Shango Sound & many More

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Founded by two young warriors Ana Irie & Teo in 2015. for the vibes of music,vinyls, soundsystem and unity ! 
Their selections are just like love, you dont know when, you dont know how, nor why BUT you know it hits you, you feel it and you love it ! ;)


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Rasta Altitude Sound is young reggae/dub/dancehall/roots/steppers colective who is promoting Rasta culture, unity and love. For now it has 2 members - Ivke and Keso. Ivke played at Rasta Altitude #1, and Keso played at Rasta Altitude #1, Reggae utorak u Mastersu (DUB RUUM), Reggae na Levanu, Gotiva fest 2017. (w. HGC), Ram Jam Session at Pločnik, Zion Radio broadcas and RAW (Rasta Altitude Weekend).

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