Ram Jam Session w. Exotic Times (PU), Ghetto Roots, RAS

Prvi Heshegov event ove godine, dan poslije Valentinova! Sharing some love from the start :)
Nastavljamo kao i prije, nema labavo. Iz Pule nam dolazi poznati EXOTIC TIMES aka Sekilla Blunton nakon više od godinu dana!

Večer se zagrijava sa friendly soundclashom - Ghetto Roots vs. Rasta Altitude Sound! Puno reggaea, rootsa i najviše dancehalla ;)

Upad je free, satnica kao inače - počinjemo u 21:30, a završavamo u 02:00.

Powered by Ziggi Rolling Papers, High Grade Equipment!

Event by Heshteg
Exotic Times was founded in Pula, Croatia in 2009 and since then performed at numerous big shows in their part of Europe – for example Overjam, Revolution, Sea Star or Seasplash Festival. The sound's been touring the Balkans since the start and has already managed to establish its name as one of the most active sounds in the area. What also diffrentiates Exotic Times from the rest of the crews in the region, is ability to play contemporary Jamaican music, not only roots & culture. Apart from live shows, Sekilla Blunton – the mastermind behind Exotic Times – has been recording mixtapes and thus showing his selection skills and promoting the culture – you can find some of them on soundcloud or youtube channel:

Ghetto roots is cultural educational arts & musical program founded in 2015 by two Croatian Selectors Ras Sale I (YARDSTEP) & Leona Lioness (GIRLSLOVEDUB). United by same energy n spiritual connection we decided to start our own project called GHETTO ROOTS! It combines different musical styles reggae/dancehall/roots/dub/ska/hiphop/grime/ragga & many more, followed by live MC act, drummers & dancers. Powered & supported by Zion Radio Show & Zion Radio Sound, RoolTroll, Oddvod Collective, Reggae.hr portal, BGF, King Shango Sound & many More.

Young reggae/dub/dancehall/roots/steppers selector aka Keso Selecta who is promoting Rasta culture, unity and love. Keso played at Rasta Altitude #1, Reggae utorak u Mastersu, DUB RUUM, numerous events at Masters, Reggae na Levanu, Gotiva fest 2017. (w. HGC), Rasta Altitude Weekend, Bass Expirience (w. Zion Radio) and Ram Jam Sessions at Pločnik. Big up to our friends for rocking together and helping: Saso Mange Soundsystem, PulaP Reggae Station, Arboretum Kolektiv, Exotic Times, Ghetto Roots, High Grade Commanda, Ras Moray Fyah, Irie Garden, Zion Radio, Ziggi Rolling Papers, Yerba Mala Headshop!! One love!