RA#2 WARM UP w DJ LT (Ljubljanjah Vibes), Ghetto Roots, RAS

Nakon prvog Heshteg vam donosi drugi warm up event za Rasta Altitude #2 u Pločniku! Očekuje vas roots, reggae, dub, dancehall, nah miss!!

Za super vibru i još bolji plesnjak zaduženi su DJ L.T. (Ljubljanjah Vibes, Slovenija), Lioness (Ghetto Roots) i Keso (Rasta Altitude Sound).

Weedimo se u Pločniku 2.8.2018.! Upad free! One Love ♥
Rasta Altitude #2: www.facebook.com/events/208378299970062

Ljubljanjah Vibes represents three Djs and selectors from capital of Slovenia known as LionShine, Dj L.T and Michel Pfeifer and vocalist I Bro from Senegal, who is livinig in Ljubljana now. On the streets of Ljubljana they have learned and practiced many music styles like reggae, dub, dnb, jungle, dancehall, hip hop, breakbeat, steppers and similar. Their very best influence is RootsInSession Sound, who were like their musical parents in the past. LionShine and Dj L.T. were often guests in RootsInSession Live Radio Show and in 2015 founded LjubljanJah Vibes Radio Show. They started hosting Basolovka events besides monthly Radio Shows which are now developed into Live Stream shows from Dub Lab fb page and are called Reggae Mesečnik. When they met dub lord Michel Pfeifer they started producing riddims where you can usually hear vocals of I Bro!

Ghetto roots is cultural educational arts & musical program founded in 2015 by two Croatian Selectors Ras Sale I (YARDSTEP) & Leona Lioness (GIRLSLOVEDUB). United by same energy n spiritual connection we decided to start our own project called GHETTO ROOTS! It combines different musical styles reggae/dancehall/roots/dub/ska/hiphop/grime/ragga & many more, followed by live MC act, drummers & dancers. Powered & supported by Zion Radio Show & Zion Radio Sound, RoolTroll, Oddvod Collective, Reggae.hr portal, BGF, King Shango Sound & many More.

Rasta Altitude Sound (R.A.S.) aka Keso Selecta is young reggae/roots/dub/steppers/dancehall artist who is promoting Rasta culture, unity and love. His style can be described as combining old releases with new releases combined with wicked dub sirens sound. Keso played at numerous events in Masters club (Zagreb, CRO), numerous events in Pločnik (Zagreb, CRO), Dub Lab (Ljubljana, SI), Rasta Altitude #1 (Kutina, CRO), Reggae na Levanu (Pula, CRO), Gotiva fest 2017. w. HGC (Zenica, BiH), Yerba Mala Bday (Sarajevo, BiH), Reunited Festival (Valpovo, CRO), Wind Festival (Zagreb, CRO) and Zion Radio broadcasts.