Goulash Disko Festival Warmup

Goulash Disko Festival Warmup night in Plocnik, aka the best way to start the clubbing season in Zagreb!
Ko Shin Moon is an absolutely awesome french duo that you must check if you're in town!

Cosmopolitism, crossbreeding and transcendence: welcome to the artistic world of Ko Shin Moon! Formed in Paris by friends Axel Moon and Niko Shin, Ko Shin Moon is an ethno-musical and eclectic live experiment that seeks to push back the limits of genres through the use of traditional sounds and analogue performances. Their eponymous debut album was released in 2017 on Akuphone, the Parisian label that is leading the French world music revival.

Listen: https://akuphone.bandcamp.com/album/ko-shin-moon-2

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